Customer feedback

We moved to gosforth late last year and were recommended this place by a friend. it's superb. it's actually pretty big, and was busy when we went, but the food was excellent and the ambiance was great too. they have a value offer between 5-7 (i think) which looks a great deal, but i've not had a chance to sample it, but the dinner i had there was excellent.

We mainly come for lunch and have a pizza, which is consistently the best I've had in the UK - thin crust, right amount of texture/chew/taste and the sauce and cheese also excellent. It's about £6 for the pizza (there are cheaper deals around) but for that, you get a very large, delicious pizza and in my mind, this sort of quality and portion is a deal.
Your also always met with fresh bread and olives (love the imported green olives). The pizza oven is practically in the restaurant so you can be guaranteed of a brick oven pizza, fresh out the over.

We've been to Adrianos 3 times now and would definitely return. The early bird is excellent value, the food is lovely and it has a great atmosphere both for couples and groups. The only thing I would say is that the service is a bit chaotic. Don't let this put you off - just expect it to be so (as long as you are not in a hurry!)

I love the style and decor at Adriano's, and the food is excellent too. There is a lovely seating area as you go in to enjoy a glass of wine, and a fantastic outdoor area with loads of olive trees. The menu is more varied than your usual Italian, and the gelati is fabulous.


Adrianos Restaurant and Deli, 84 / 90 High Street, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1HB. Tel: (0191) 284 6464.